Compensation of Oilfield Jobs: How Much Can I Make In Alberta’s Oilsands?

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Alberta’s oil industry appears to be booming. If you are interested in working in this sector, there are various available positions under the oil mining and extraction industry in Alberta.

Aside from the variety of opportunities, oilfield workers here are also well compensated.

Aside from this, there are lots of opportunities for advancement in oilfield jobs. As long as you show interest and the eagerness to learn about this industry, you will surely get the chance to advance your career.

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Compensation for oilfield jobs

Oilfield jobs are not very easy, especially if you are in the entry level position. Constant danger looms around the workplace. Your common enemies in these jobs are the elements of nature. Aside from this, accidents caused by machinery failure are also a constant threat.

However, there are still a lot of people who are willing to work in oilfield jobs. This is because of the excellent compensations offered to employees. In the entry level jobs, for instance, the compensations are above satisfying.

Aside from this, there is room for advancement of promising employees. The same is also true for skilled and professional level positions in this industry. If you work as a chemist or a geologist in an oil company, for instance, you can expect excellent salary and benefits.

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For most of these jobs, food and good accommodations are also provided by the companies.

Things you should be aware of about oilfield jobs

As mentioned earlier, working in oilfields can be dangerous. The tasks also require hard work, mostly intense physical work. But if you are really interested in becoming part of this industry, you want opportunities for career growth, you are physically fit for outdoor work, oilfield jobs may be for you.

The competitive compensation packages make up for the inconveniences in this line of work.

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