Pros and Cons of Applying to Alberta Oil Companies Directly

There are basically two ways to apply for an oilfield job. One is to do it directly, the other is indirectly. The former means you have to go to oil companies and give them your resume personally. The latter means you have to contact the companies first through email or a phone call. This also means you have to submit your resume first through mail. The companies still have to assess and evaluate your resume before they consider you for an interview.

Advantages of applying to Alberta oil companies directly

Applying directly to Alberta oil companies has various advantages. For one, it is faster. If you apply directly, usually, you can even undergo an interview right there and then. The employment agents can evaluate you on the spot and decide right there and then if you have what it takes for the position your are applying for.

Disadvantages of applying directly

The major disadvantage of applying directly is that some recruiters won’t even entertain you when you go and apply directly. This could be a waste of time and effort, of course. Another disadvantage is that when you apply directly, you won’t be able to bring some requirements that will be given to you upon calling or emailing the agents in advanced.

You should weigh in the pros and cons of applying directly to the companies where you want to work. If you think that the advantages outweighs the disadvantages, you should go to the hiring companies’ offices for job application, with your resume. Be prepared also for the interview. If the hiring agent thinks you are fit for the job, they will interview you right there and then. If not, they’ll probably tell you to wait for their call. or even be honest to say that you don’t qualify for the position.

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