Skills and Training Needed to Succeed in Oilfield Jobs

There are plenty of Oilfield jobs in Alberta. What makes this kind of jobs so attractive is their rewarding compensations for employees. Usually, the salary is above average, and generally, the food and the accommodations are part of the workers’ benefits. However, not everyone will be suitable to work in oilfield jobs. Read on to know if you are qualified to work in this industry.

Skills and training needed to be qualified in oilfield jobs

The skills required for applicants vary according to the position.

If you are going to apply for an entry level job, you only need a basic knowledge about the task you are going to perform. If you are going to apply as an entry level equipment operator, for instance, you just need the basics on equipment operation. Some companies will give you an on-site training.

The most important thing is that you know how to write, read, and follow instructions. Of course, you also need physical stamina to be effective in this position.

If you are applying as an oil scientist or a geologist, you should be equipped with a degree in related sciences, especially in earth science. It is also a plus factor if you are knowledgeable about seismic data recording and reading.

This is a valuable skill in locating oil and gas. Other skills necessary in many oilfield jobs include mechanical and technical skills, as well as planning and organizational skills.

Requirements for oilfield jobs

The requirements for different oilfield jobs may depend on the company where you are going to apply. The most common requirements for a level entry job is a high school diploma and possibly, a class III license. For more technical jobs, a degree or a training certificate is required.

If you have a year or more of relevant experience, you will have better chances of getting hired.

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