The 3 Components of Oilfield Jobs in Alberta

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There are many types of jobs that are listed under the oil industry. This industry is actually divided into three sectors. The upstream sector includes jobs in oil production and exploration. Workers in this sector include engineers, seismic testers, and drillers.

Another is the downstream sector. This include jobs involving the distribution of oil in the market. The transportation of the oil once it has already been extracted from the ground is the responsibility of the workers in the midstream oil section.

Companies that operate pipelines belong to this. We often hear about the jobs in the first two sectors. Read on to know some positions under the last sector.

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Pipeline construction manager

A pipeline construction manager is the pipeline company’s field representative. This manager is responsible for overseeing the construction of the pipelines. He or she supervises the other workers. It is also the duty of the pipeline construction manager to report the progress of the construction to the oil company’s head office.

The manager’s salary depend on his or her qualifications.


A pipeliner falls under the entry level position. The duty of pipeliners involve the maintenance of pipeline facilities. They are also responsible for transporting the parts and supplies for the construction from the storage to the job site. Part of their tasks is to remove obstacles such as fences and waterlines in the construction area.

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Construction foreman

A construction foreman has the responsibility of hiring and training the staff. Part of his or her job description is to schedule the activities of workers. The foreman also has the task of ensuring that workers are using safety gear and are trained in emergency and safety procedure.

The compensations of the foreman depend on his or her qualifications.

Lead hand

The lead hand serves as the assistant of the foreman. He or she is responsible for scheduling the activities of the construction crew. He or she is also responsible for ensuring the safety and efficiency of the crew.

The salary and benefits of the lead hand depend on his or her work experience and skills.

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