The Many Aspects of Oilfield Jobs

Alberta is a place where oilfield jobs are plenty. If you are interested in working in this industry, then Alberta can give you many opportunities. Alberta is Canada’s pride when it comes to oil deposits. The economic growth of this province is mostly brought about by its oil industry.

A large part of its population are workers in this field. According to reports, 145,000 Albertans are working in the mining and oil gas extraction industry.

Oilfield jobs

Whether you are looking for an entry level job or a technical or professional job, Alberta’s oil industry can give you various options. There are many oil companies in Alberta, so you would surely have plenty of employment opportunities to choose from.

For level entry jobs, what you need is the basic knowledge regarding the work. The entry level jobs also provide a room for advancement and growth to those who are dedicated in learning about the industry. There are also lots of technical and professional jobs under Alberta’s oil industry.

These jobs offer higher salaries compared to those of the entry level positions. Usually, food and accommodations come as part of the compensations for these jobs.

Some jobs in Alberta oilfields

One of the popular jobs you will find in this sector is that of a crane and hoisting equipment operator. The task of the operator is to lift, move, and position the equipment. Rig assistant positions are also among the sought after jobs.M any companies prefer applicants who already have an experience working in rigging jobs.

For the professional level, oilfield scientists such as chemist and geologist positions are offered. The former usually requires applicants with a degree in chemical engineering, while the latter requires applicants with a degree in geology.

Although jobs under the oil industry is a bit difficult, many are still attracted to take them because of the competitive compensation packages they offer.

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