Bus Driver Jobs in Fort McMurray

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Full time bus driver jobs are available in Fort McMurray. The salary is an average $25 per hour, 40 hours a week.

Benefits such as disability, dental, medical, life insurance, and pension plan may be included as well. A monthly allowance of about $1,000 is usually provided by the employer. Although it does not require completion of a high school, college, or vocational education, some form of education is needed.

A Class 2 or B or a provincial/territorial vehicle license is the primary requirement of the job. Applicants should also be familiar with the area’s streets and route to the travel destinations.

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Responsibilities of bus drivers

The main responsibilities of the job include operating the bus for passenger transport and loading or unloading passengers. The driver should also inform passengers about the fares, different stops, and route schedule.

If an emergency arises, the driver will direct passengers with the proper procedure. They will also have to manage passengers’ potential crises and conflicts

Previous experience as a public transport driver would give the applicant an advantage. Significant travel experience provincially or locally will be considered as well. A safe driving history is also an asset, as well as first aid knowledge should an accident arise.

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Good interpersonal skills can contribute to the job since the driver must deal with passengers every day.

With the said requirements and enough experience, one can easily land a bus driver job. Transportation companies or schools usually have a bus driver opening. Make sure all the requirements are ready and still valid upon starting the job.

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