Carpenter Jobs in Fort Mcmurray

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Fort McMurray is in Alberta, 435 kilometers northeast of Edmonton and 60 kilometers west of the Saskatchewan border. It is the considered to be the centre of Alberta’s sand-oil hub. The highly demanded jobs within the vicinity are the skilled or labour type, among which is carpentry.

Job Types

A carpenter job is of two types — finish carpentry and rough carpentry. Rough carpentry is involved in the crafting of wood materials and steel construct as well as building of houses and buildings.

Finish carpentry often involves interior moulding, fitting of windows, etc. Both of these types are available in Fort McMurray.

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To qualify as a carpenter in Alberta, one must have the Carpenter Trade Certification or equivalent years of experience.

The qualifications that an applicant need to have when applying for this job includes completion of high school (desired but not required), strength and abilities to withstand the pressure and demands of carpentry work (ability to lift 11 to 25 kilograms, ability to solve arithmetic problems such as measurements, ability to kneel and bend for several hours, etc.), and possession of Carpenter Trade Certification (CTC).

The CTCE, more locally known as the Alberta Journeyman Certificate, is an award given by the Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training which is an institution that provides carpentry training.

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Work Description

The work description includes building of concrete forms, reading of blueprints, getting instructions from a supervisor, lay-outing, selecting the needed materials, planning, measuring, and marking of materials to avoid wastage, cutting/shaping of materials, joining materials with nails, screws, bolts, or glue, and ensuring that finished units are level, square, plumb, and the right size.


The usual salary is at least within the range of $25 to $40+ per hour. The job is usually offered as contractual, part-time, or on-call basis and with no gender specifications.

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