Concrete Finisher Jobs in Fort McMurray

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Full time concrete finisher jobs are offered in the Fort McMurray area.

Job Description

The job specializes in slab installation and floor finishing jobs for commercial, residential, or industrial sidewalks and/or curbs.

Concrete surfaces will be finished using different hand and power tools. One needs a very strong build to survive this work since it is very physically demanding, requiring the capacity to handle heavy loads.

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Applicants need a strong back structure since the work requires a lot of kneeling, crouching, and bending.

Other skills required by the job

A minimum of 3 years experience is needed, along with a Cement Finisher Trade Certification.

Aside from a strong build, applicants should be able to understand plans and levels for the finishing jobs. They should be able to operate the required machine and tools so the responsibilities may be properly accomplished.

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To ensure the worker’s safety, steel-toed safety boots, safety glasses or goggles, a hard hat, and other safety equipment will be used. Safety gear and other tools are usually provided by the company for their use.

When looking for concrete finisher jobs, check out construction companies or employment agencies. Be sure to emphasize past experience and knowledge on the different tools that could be used.

If possible, ask the construction company for specifics about the machinery to be used and the plan that the job will entail. This will better prepare one for the interview.

Enough knowledge on the finishing job’s specifics leaves one at an advantage.


The job pays between $25 and $28+ per hour, for as much as 50 hours a week.

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