Construction Engineer Jobs in Fort Mcmurray

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Fort McMurray is in the province of Alberta, with specific locations at 435 kilometers northeast of Edmonton and 60 kilometers west of Saskatchewan border. It is the biggest community in the Region of Wood Buffalo. Fort McMurray’s main economy focuses on natural gas and sand oil mining.

The area is within the central oil hub of Alberta and is home to the two of the largest sand-oil corporations in Canada.

When it jobs that are in demand in Fort McMurray, some of these employment opportunities are in the construction and engineering industry.

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There are several big sand oil and natural gas mining companies in Fort McMurray. In fact, the area supplies 25% of Canada’s energy, and it has the two largest sand oil mining companies in Canada called Suncor Energy and Syncrude within the vicinity. And with over a hundred constructions, construction engineering jobs may be one of the work possibilities in the area.

Type of work

The work of a construction engineer varies widely in the different construction fields of civil, mechanical, environmental, and energy.

The standard requirements include education in the respective field, computer skills, organizational skills, proficiency with AutoCAD, good communication skills, planning skills, supervisory and interpersonal skills.

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Some companies require years of experience while others accept first-time entry.

The work of a construction engineer consists of, but is not limited to, planning and designing, calculations and analyses based on standard codes, drawings, costs estimates, analyze engineering designs such as structural/timber/steel/aluminium/concrete, apply limit states and allowable stress methods, and formwork installation.


Essentially, a construction engineer perform tasks such as surveying, inspection, material testing, and supporting personnel with collaboration related agencies for the necessary construction permits.

The salary of a construction engineer is at least $70,000 annually.

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