Construction Jobs in Fort McMurray

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Construction jobs are available in wide range in Fort McMurray, from jobs in plumbing and architecture to assistant managerial positions. The more complicated the project is, the more jobs are expected to open for construction laborers.

Job description

Construction laborers are often required on permanent, full time, on-call, or evening rotations. In large construction companies, work is often industrial, commercial, or institutional in nature. Jobs can vary.

Construction workers bear the majority of the manual labor in construction jobs, while construction managers deal with supervisory duties over salaried and self-employed workers. Construction managers may also assume consultant roles. Construction managers and consultants oversee the progress of the project and make decisions over engineering and architectural drawings.

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Required education

Most employers require nothing more than a high school diploma from applicants. Vocational certificates, such as certificates in plumbing, welding, and the like may be required. In most cases, skills are more important than educational credentials.

The ability to work in a fast-paced environment, deal with tight deadlines, and the ability to handle heavy loads are important. Construction workers may also be expected to work in various locations. Other essential skills involve ability to communicate clearly either in verbal or written forms, problem solving, and decision-making skills.

Pros and cons

Construction jobs are almost everywhere, which makes looking for a job in Fort McMurray easy to do. Most construction jobs also offer attractive salaries because of the risks involved such as dangers to life and limbs involved when working as a construction laborer. Health insurance is typically covered by the employer to protect their workers.

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Expected salary

The estimated weekly salary for some construction workers in Canada is $1,030. In Fort McMurray, Construction workers earn on average $34.75 per hour. This is considerably higher than the national average of $17.27 per hour (ref:

Further, Construction supervisors, managers, and consultants can earn well over $50/hr.

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