Construction Site Manager Jobs in Fort McMurray

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Fort McMurray is located 435 kilometers northeast of Edmonton and 60 kilometers west of Saskatchewan border. It is in the boreal forest at the convergence of Athabasca and Clearwater Rivers. Fort McMurray’s main economy relies on oil sand mining and natural gas mining.

Job Availability

There are several sand oil mining companies in the vicinity, two of which are among Alberta’s and Canada’s largest. Fort McMurray also supplies about a fourth of Canada’s energy. The demand for workers in the area has skilled work such as engineering and construction to be of the most significant percentage.

The presence of several construction firms and site operations in the vicinity may reflect a certain demand for people who can do construction site manager jobs.

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Work Responsibilities

The definition of work of a construction manager includes planning/organizing/directing/controlling of daily operations, scheduling of construction work, prepare construction materials and work instructions, prepare relevant contracts, and negotiate with suppliers to obtain materials at lower costs.

Also, a construction manager may need to execute relevant changes to contractual agreements, implement quality control policies, analyze data, prepare budget estimates and cost planning, purchase materials, design policies on work safety, and implement work safety procedures and policies.

The task also includes the selection of construction employees, designation of work areas to employees, and the dispatch of these employees to respective areas.

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Expected Wages

As the construction site manager necessarily directs and supervises people, good communication and supervisory skills are desired.

The manager should also have good interpersonal skills. Some companies prefer applicants to have years of experience to be considered for this position.

The salary is at range of $70,000 to $100,000+.

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