Customer Service Jobs in Fort McMurray

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Customer service jobs in Fort McMurray are typically available in department stores and as remote opportunities for very large companies that need a considerable amount of customer support.

Job description

A customer service job is defined by direct contact with the customers to answer questions, promote products, help customers troubleshoot problems by walking them through the solution. In the age of the Internet, more and more businesses are realizing the importance of quick customer support. You will find a number of openings for customer support jobs in Fort McMurray for anything, from telecommunications to appliance companies. Local department stores and shops may also have openings for customer service jobs for their “customer help” sections.

Required education

Customer service jobs only require secondary level education. People skills, language skills, and the ability to communicate clearly are vital in customer support. People who know more than one language will find that this is especially useful especially when handling international clients. In Canada, knowledge and fluency in both English and French may be a requirement for some companies. Patience and the ability to keep cool especially when talking to irate clients is also important. Some companies may require several months or a year of related experience.

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Pros and cons

Customer service jobs are good in that they offer flexible hours. When it comes to remote customer service jobs, these do not require face-to-face contact with customers. However, customer service jobs can be stressful. It is not uncommon for customer service representatives to have to deal with rude, irate, and angry customers all day. This is often the reason why there is a fast turn-over of customer service representatives in most companies, since those who cannot take the pressure may eventually decide to quit.

Expected salary

Salaries for customer service representatives vary from province to province. The compensation package often includes full benefits like dental and medical plans at the start of the job. Employees have the option of going for a 401(K) after one or two years.

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