Electrician Jobs in Fort McMurray

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Fort McMurray is the biggest community in the Region of Wood Buffalo. It is 435 kilometers northeast of Edmonton and 60 kilometers west of Saskatchewan border. It is home to a multi cultural people from the different parts of Canada and the globe.

Fort McMurray is known for having one of the most viable oil fields in Canada. Its main economy comprises natural gas and sand oil mining. The two largest sand oil mining firms in Canada — Suncor Energy and Syncrude — are based in Fort McMurray.

In addition to that, Fort McMurray supplies about a fourth of Canada’s electrical power. The presence of these structures in the vicinity provides jobs to individuals specializing in the fields of engineering and construction and these include electrician jobs.

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A brief work description of electrician jobs

Electrician jobs vary in scope of work. In Fort McMurray, however, the need for electricians is high when it comes to the oil industry.

There are several companies in the area engaged in the manufacture of machines and equipment used in the oil fields.

These companies offer opportunities to individuals willing to do electrical works.

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The standard requirements to do electrician jobs consist of knowledge of instrumentation and control of oil field equipment, experience of handling oil field equipment and working in hazardous locations, ability to read and interpret blueprints, knowledge in the installation of underground wiring cables, installation and repair of panel boxes, testing and measuring of voltage/faults/integrity of circuits, troubleshoot faults, and installation of power generation/stand-by power supply.

The average salary for an electrician ranges from $13 to $33, depending on experience.

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