Fort McMurray Public School District / FMPSD Jobs

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The FMPSD is home to 15 schools with one more opening in 2017. They offer a variety of programming for their youngest three-year-old Early Childhood Development Program students on to graduating Grade 12 students.

From French Immersion, to innovative fine arts programming and from power engineering to sport academies, to cutting edge media training – Fort McMurray Public School District is indeed committed to their motto: Doing What’s Best for Kids.


A bachelor’s Degree in Education (BEd) and a provincial teacher’s certificate are required to teach in Fort McMurray.

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In an elementary school, you may be asked to teach variety of subjects so it is advisable to have a well-rounded background in teachable subjects like Mathematics, Science, Geography, History, French and English.

Any three or four year Bachelor of Arts with a major or concentration in a disciplinary area relevant to teaching school could be another option. Other options could be the Bachelor of Science or the Bachelor of Commerce.

If you plan to teach secondary school in the FMPSD, it is generally suggested to do a major or a concentration (10-12 courses) in one teachable subject and a minor in another teachable subject. Another option is to take the number of courses required to fulfill the requirements for teachable subjects. Research the entrance requirements of the B.Ed. degree degree in which you plan to enrol.

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Work Description

A teacher job will vary according to the school, the grade and the level of the job. However most school teacher jobs contain elements of each of these typical responsibilities including teaching, student management, administrative tasks and extracurricular activities.


Alberta specifies $58,500 as the general annual starting wage and those numbers jump to $92,300 after 10 years.

Historically, Alberta educators (including those in the Fort McMurray Public School District) have always been paid more than those in any other province.

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