General Labor Jobs in Fort McMurray

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Despite the recession, there are still numerous employment opportunities created in Fort McMurray, much to the relief of residents who have recently lost their livelihoods. From bartenders to dental assistants, you can look for various job openings in Fort McMurray and even post your job requirements if you are an employer looking to hire someone. Labor jobs, for example, are available in good numbers in Fort McMurray.

Job description

Labor jobs involve manual labor for skilled or unskilled workers. Heavy pushing, pulling, and lifting are just some of the actions one can expect to perform on a labor job. Most jobs of this nature are temporary. In some cases, supervisory skills may also be needed when one is tasked to oversee a work crew.

Required education

In most cases, there is no educational requirement. Vocational courses are available for those who want to acquire skills in manual jobs, however. Experience and skills are often the main criteria when someone is hired for labor jobs. Jobs such as bartending may require a vocational certificate along with a certain degree of related experience.

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Pros and cons

Safety is one big consideration when it comes to manual jobs. The dangers of broken bones, injuries, and long-term health problems as a result of such activities as prolonged heavy lifting or exposure to chemicals are among the risks associated with this kind of job.

Most manual jobs also do not have the job security of other occupations. Workers are typically hired on a per-project basis and move on to other jobs once the project is done. In some cases, some are hired as temporary workers when manpower is low. One advantage to a manual job is that one can move from one job to another.

Expected salary

There are manual labor jobs that pay between $20 to $25 per hour. But this depends on the complexity of the job and the skills needed. Employers may also put a premium on the length of experience that a worker has.

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There are hundreds of great construction jobs available in Fort McMurray! Check out some of the top jobs below:

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