Government Jobs in Fort McMurray

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Government jobs in Fort McMurray are not hard to find in the area. From working in public offices to working as school teachers, administrators, and staff on the government payroll, you can find a government job that fits your skills.

Job description

Government jobs vary depending on the sector you are in. For example, one set of requirements are sought for education applicants, and another set for those looking for administrative jobs. Job descriptions differ according to the type of job you want to apply for. Administrative tasks, managing teams, and implementing programs are just some of the responsibilities of someone working in the government.

Required education

Most mid-level government jobs require a high school or a college diploma at the least. A bachelor’s degree in Public Administration is desired for more most government positions.

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Pros and cons

There are several pros and cons to working for the government. Government jobs are more secured, have fewer lay-offs, and do come with complete benefits and regular salary increases. For some, working for the government also comes with the sense of satisfaction knowing that they are contributing to the country with their jobs. One of the cons of working for the government is the sometimes limited opportunities for career growth. There are also issues hurled against bureaucracy.

Expected salary

Salaries for government employees are based on their position, experience, and years of service. For instance, teachers on the government payroll can expect to earn more if they have been teaching for quite some time, seven or more years. Aside from executive and department head positions, government jobs also include those of clerks, other administrative roles, and entry-level positions. This goes without saying that the pay scale is wide-ranging depending on the assumed role in the office. Typically, government employees receive full workers’ benefits and are more likely to stay on their jobs because of security.

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