Handyman Jobs in Fort McMurray

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Fort McMurray is a community 270 miles northeast of Edmonton and 37 miles west of Saskatchewan border. It is found in a boreal forest at the congruence of two rivers called Athabasca and Clearwater.

The main economy of Fort McMurray is consisted of oil sand mining and natural gas mining.

The greatest demand for employees in the area is in the field of skilled or labour jobs. The skilled jobs in-demand in a fairly moderate level includes handyman jobs.

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Short work description of a handyman job

The handyman’s work can be viewed as a crossover between housekeeping maintenance and repair.

Some companies that are hiring to fill handyman positions include housekeeping maintenance in their work description. The chores in this sense include cleaning of windows and walls, picking up of litter, waste management, and even watering of plants, among others.

The repair job is quite varied from electrical to plumbing.

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Companies who would hire people to do handyman jobs sometimes would include in their work description things such as minor repair on electrical systems (i.e., changing of light bulbs/ lamps), trouble shoot minor plumbing issues and maintenance of plumbing systems.


Applicants of this job are also desired to have basic carpentry knowledge to perform exterior and interior carpentry maintenance and changing of locks. Other qualifications for the handyman position include completion of high school and work experience of the same nature. Gender requirement is not specified as it open to both males and females.


The job is typically contractual and on an on-call basis with a standard salary of at least $22.34 per hour, 69.2% higher than the national average

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