Hospitality Jobs in Fort McMurray

With the number of hotels, motels, and other service establishments in the area, looking for hospitality jobs in Fort McMurray will not be that hard to accomplish. Hospitality personnel such as restaurant managers, hotel managers, concierges, waiters and waitresses are in demand with the thriving service industry in Fort McMurray.

Job description

Hospitality job descriptions vary according to position. Hotel managers, for instance, are required to oversee the operations in the hotel, create standards for personnel performance, and make sure that the standards are met in the service of patrons, in room rates, advertising, publicity, and other areas. Another common hospitality job is that of a concierge, which is responsible for doing everything from reserving rooms to reserving restaurant or tour tickets. The maitre d’ is also another common position in the hospitality industry. Also known as the head waiter, the maitre d’ oversees the dining room, makes sure all patrons are served, and makes advanced reservations. Other common jobs in hospitality include the job of executive chefs, reservation ticket agents, maids or housekeeping cleaners, and gaming dealers.

Required education

Four-year degrees are required for higher level positions in the hospitality industry. Degrees in Hospitality or Tourism are desired by some employers. Executive chefs and cooks may require a Culinary Arts degree in order to apply for a position as a chef or a cook. Some positions, like guest service agent positions and waiters, require nothing more than a high school diploma and related experience. One to three years experience in the related field is often the requirement by most employers.

Pros and cons

There are a few cons when it comes to working in the hospitality industry. Working in resorts, hotels, and restaurants is often less stressful compared to working in other settings such as hospitals or construction sites. Having to deal with the occasional demanding or rude customer is one of the drawbacks to working in the hospitality industry. The stiff competition should also be considered by those who are aiming for top-level posts.

Expected salary

Salaries differ according to the length of experience as well as level of expertise. For example, a new chef can expect to earn much less than what veteran chefs are receiving, which can be up to $70,000 (listed as median salary by years). A guest service agent can earn about $14 per hour, the same as a front desk manager. On the other hand, cooks can earn from $16 to $19 per hour, depending on the employer and list of duties.

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