IT Jobs in Fort McMurray

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There are a lot of options for IT jobs Fort McMurray, from business and schools, to private customers who own and use computers.

Job description

An IT graduate is tasked with computer programming, developing and maintaining software and web applications, computer troubleshooting, web design and layouting. IT technicians in Fort McMurray are also responsible for keeping computers secure with up-to-date security software.

Required education

A four-year or two-year degree in IT or Computer Science is the most common requirement for a job in information technology. Related experience and skills are also a must when applying for an IT position. An IT applicant may be required to have a solid knowledge of information security principles and practices and working experience with intrusion detection systems, especially if one wants to work in IT security. Other requirements include strong written and oral communication skills. A minimum requirement is a certification in any computer course.

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Pros and cons

One of the advantages of working in information technology is being updated with the newest advances in technology and the Internet. Working online is very rewarding and fun, especially if you are a techie. Working in IT also exposes you to very creative minds, as most people who are into this line of work are highly curious and creative individuals. Perhaps the only drawback when it comes to being in the field of information technology is that there is less human contact compared to other professions such as nursing or hospitality. Also, work largely depends on the reliability of your Internet connection, which can be a problem in the event of natural disasters that can affect Internet connection signals.

Expected salary

The expected salary for any IT technician depends on the work experience and the skills the applicant have developed over years of training and practice. The more technical the job is, the higher the wage rate is.

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