Laboratory Jobs in Fort McMurray

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There are a number of laboratory jobs in Fort McMurray. Because of the area’s rich natural oil and gas reserves, laboratory jobs come in good numbers. Different organizations, from law enforcement groups to water and mineral, gas, and chemical companies, require the expertise of laboratory personnel.

Job description

A laboratory technician working in Fort McMurray will be expected to perform laboratory-based tasks, which include sampling, testing, recording, or documenting and analyzing biological and chemical specimens. A laboratory job also entails working under laboratory protocols to ensure safety in the laboratory and to ensure that the proper results are obtained. Lab personnel may also be tasked to interpret results to senior colleagues. For example, in local health organizations, a technician may be tasked to analyze food samples, while someone working for a water company may spend days analyzing water samples to determine their potability.

Required education

Most laboratory jobs require a degree in Chemical Technology or a degree in Chemistry. Applicants are also required to have 6 months to one year of experience in the laboratory, as stated by the company.

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Pros and cons

One of the top disadvantages of being a laboratory technician is working for the most part of the day within the confines of the laboratory. This could be boring for those who are not used to working indoors all the time. When it comes to hospital lab technicians, they also work day in day out handling hazardous and potentially harmful specimens. However, laboratory work is also well compensated and the working environment does not come with the type of pressure found in other occupations.

Expected salary

Laboratory jobs differ in hourly wages according to province. For example, a laboratory technician working in Manitoba or New Brunswick can earn $10 at the least, while someone working in Saskatchewan can earn $13 minimum. In Alberta, a medical laboratory technician can get an hourly rate of about $18 to $23. More experienced laboratory technicians can earn up to $30 per hour or more.

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