Medical Service Jobs in Fort McMurray

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If you are looking for medical service jobs, there are a number of them available in Fort McMurray. Aside from hospitals, medical clinics are also good places to find job openings in this field.

Job description

Medical service jobs vary in job descriptions. Positions in the medical service industry include licensed practical workers, dental assistants, registered nurses, doctors, dentists, X-ray technicians, laboratory technicians, pharmacy technicians, and receptionists. Other positions include orderlies, ambulatory attendants, dietitians, dental hygienists, and hospital custodians. In general, medical service jobs require personnel to deal with patients, process and analyze biological and chemical data gathered from patients, ensure the safety and comfort of patients, and provide basic to complex health services.

Required education

Different positions have different educational requirements. For example, a nursing position requires a bachelor’s degree and a nursing license. A position for a pharmacist requires a certificate in Pharmacology and the license to practice. To work as a medical doctor, one must have finished medical school and must possess a medical license to practice. Lower positions such as custodians, receptionists, and ambulatory assistants are not required to have a college degree, however.

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Pros and cons

There is very little disadvantage to working in the medical service field because it is not easily affected by economic downturns unlike other professions. This is true for higher level positions such as nurses and medical doctors. The field is also diverse that people with different educational backgrounds can apply for a job in this industry. The only drawback to working in the medical service industry is the stress that comes with dealing with diseases and people dying on an everyday basis.

Expected salary

Salaries differ according to positions. Nurses can earn up to $40 an hour depending on the specialty and the location. As expected, medical doctors have one of the highest median salaries in the medical service industry.

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