Millwright Jobs in Fort McMurray

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Fort McMurray is the largest community in the Region of Wood Buffalo. It is 435 kilometers northeast of Edmonton and 60 kilometers west of Saskatchewan border. Fort McMurray’s main economy is dependent on sand oil mining and natural gas mining.

The community supplies 25% of Canada’s energy and is home to two of Canada’s largest sand oil companies.


The presence of the mining industry is perhaps the influence to the establishment of over a hundred of companies engaged in construction and trade of construction materials.

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In terms of the nature of jobs that are in demand in the area, skilled labour has the highest level of percentage.

Millwright jobs are among those which have a relatively fair demand in Fort McMurray.

Short description of millwright jobs

The work of the millwright is essentially involved in the installation of heavy machinery or equipment. Millwrights usually work with construction firms, engineering firms, and machinery manufacturing or robotics companies.

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The work of a millwright necessitates skills in construction such as welding, plumbing, bricklaying, carpentry, repair works, painting, and the basics of electrical works. A millwright erects concrete foundations, assembles new machines, and operates machinery such as hoisting, jacking, and rigging.


Employers would often require applicants to have the knowledge and training needed to do the tasks properly. The education and training can be obtained through the millwright apprenticeship program. For an individual to qualify, completion of high school is required.


The salary of a millwright ranges based on apprenticeship, but the average wage is f0r a Millwright in Fort McMurray is $36/hr, 19.2% higher than national average

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