Mining Jobs in Fort McMurray

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Fort McMurray has a thriving mining industry, making mining jobs a good option for making a living close to home. Your search for mining jobs in Fort McMurray will not be hard to do with the number of available positions in mining companies located in and around the area.

Job description

Different positions require different responsibilities in the mining industry. You can be a project manager, a coal miner, a geologist, a mining engineer, a crushing and equipment service technician, or a safety manager, to name a few mining positions. A project manager heads the crew, while a coal miner is responsible for extracting the coal underground. The safety of the crew is the responsibility of the safety manager.

Required education

Degrees in Geology may be useful for some positions. Training is usually the most important requirement, aside from skills and a physically fit body.

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Pros and cons

One of the main disadvantages of working as a miner is the risk of danger, especially when working underground. Collapsed mine shafts put miners’ lives at risk and have taken the lives of miners in the past. Most jobs in the mining field are physically demanding, so miners are required to be in excellent condition physically. Mining is considered to be among the most dangerous occupations. However, the risks have now gone down with an improvement in safety techniques. There are also various illnesses associated with mining such as black lung, as a result of inhaling sooty particles underground. However, mining is well compensated. Food and accommodation are often provided, and the schedule is flexible, allowing miners to spend long periods of time with their families before they have to go back to work.

Expected salary

Among the higher earners in the batch of mining field workers are chief drilling officers and environment and safety officers. Even laborers receive good compensation packages depending on the degree of work required from them. Those involved in the technical aspects of mining and production are also given more competitive wage rates.

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