Nursing Jobs in Fort McMurray

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Nursing is more in demand than ever because of the growing healthcare needs of people. If you are residing in Fort McMurray or planning to move to this location, it’s good to know that there are a number of nursing jobs available in this community.

Job description

A nursing position is filled with a lot of diverse responsibilities and roles, from that of a caregiver to recorder and implementer of hospital policies and rules. Nurses also work in the community, educating people about health policies, performing counseling services, and ensuring the safety and comfort of patients both in the hospital and in the community.

Required education

A bachelor’s degree in Nursing or an associate’s degree is a requirement when applying for any nursing position. Sufficient experience, whether as an employed nurse or as a volunteer or trainee, is also required by most hospitals.

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Pros and cons

Being a nurse is a rewarding job. For those who have the ability and the desire to care for others, nursing can be a fitting career. Nursing is also a recession-proof job. This means that the demand for nurses is not easily affected by economic troubles. However, nursing is an emotionally- and physically-draining job. With the shortage of nurses, it has become common for nurses to work for 16 straight hours for four to five days. Dealing with worried, anxious, angry patients and family members is very stressful as well. They may be on call 24 hours a day, which makes scheduling activities with friends or family difficult. Missing important family activities is a typical disadvantage to being a nurse.

Expected salary

Expected salaries of nurses depend on the years of experience, the skill level of the nurses, and may vary from one province to another. New nurses can expect an average median hourly rate of $18 to $20, while older, experienced nurses can expect to get paid up to $40 an hour.

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