Plumber Jobs in Fort McMurray


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No education is required but a plumber trade certification is necessary. High school completion may be required in other plumber job openings, as well as an accomplished vocational course.

Other credentials that could be asked for are Plumber Trade Certification, Provincial Gas Fitter License, and Plumber Red Seal Endorsement.


Plumbers should specialize in drainage, compressed air systems, portable water distribution installation, water filtration or softeners, radiant heating systems, fixtures and applicances, and natural and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

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The actual skills required involve reading and interpreting blue prints and specifications, maintaining plumbing fixtures and systems, locating pipe connections’ positions, and joining pipes with clamps, screws, bolts, or cement.

The job also entails measuring, cutting, bending, and threading pipes in place, solder or braze piping, inspecting pipes for leaks, and repairing plumbing systems for long-lasting maintenance.

Basic skills are also needed in the job. These include critical thinking, reading documents, oral and written communication, working well in a team and continuous learning. All these will be applied as you interact with your fellow workers.

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More experienced applicants may be asked to guide apprentices and supervise their co-workers. Plumbing is a very physically demanding job, so expect some exhaustion after the long hours of work. Benefits are provided to compensate for the job’s demands.

Applicants with years of having a previous plumbing job would easily qualify for the different job openings.

Salary and wages:

Plumber jobs are available as full time work, on call jobs, or weekend offers. The salary averages $42.55 per hour, approx 63% higher than the national average.

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