Retail Merchandiser Jobs in Fort McMurray

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Fort McMurray is home to a variety of retail department stores, boutiques, specialty stores and small shops that, at one time or another, will post vacancies in retail merchandiser jobs. These will include the bigger department stores such as Walmart and Canadian TireĀ and product companies, as well as smaller stores such boutiques, delis, grocery shops and among other retailers. Retail merchandisers are responsible for bringing in products and supplies to these retailers.

Job description of retail merchandiser jobs

The responsibilities of a retail merchandiser include making sure that the right merchandise reaches the right store within the right time frame, the right quantity, and the right condition. A retail merchandiser is also responsible for buying products when it comes to smaller companies.

This usually involves making weekly, monthly, or bimonthly purchases as well as emergency purchases from the suppliers.

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Retail merchandisers may oversee promos and markdowns aside from the delivery of distribution of stock.

Retail merchandisers may also be tasked with the creative aspect of product promotion, designing the display layout for stores as well as coming up with promotional advertisements, posters, and flyers.

They also deal directly with suppliers. Aside from these, retail merchandisers may also be tasked with consumer feedback and feasibility studies. They are also tasked with the analysis of bestselling products and making sure that those bestsellers reach their full potential.

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Where to look for retail merchandiser jobs

Most companies post job openings for retail merchandising jobs online. Job postings come with online application forms to make the application process easy for the applicants and the employers themselves.

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