Sales Jobs in Fort McMurray

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There are a lot of opportunities for someone with a background in sales in Fort McMurray. If you are looking for a sales job in Fort McMurray, there is no need to go far. With the many opportunities for sales in the area, there are a lot to explore when it comes to finding a sales-related job.

Job description

Sales people are required to peddle services and products to consumers. To do this effectively, they are required to have technical selling skills and develop an annual business plan along with the sales manager. They are oftentimes responsible for targeting clients and developing long-lasting business relationships. Sales people are also tasked to gather and submit relevant business information such as pricing details, purchases, and solutions to identified business problems.

Required education

Sales associates are not required to have a Business degree or a degree in Finance. Even those with high school diplomas can also be effective sales associates. What is required or desired by most employers is several years of experience in sales, experience in enterprise software solutions, experience in supplier-relationship management, and the like. Sales personnel should also have the proven ability to achieve sales quotas.

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Pros and cons

Sales personnel are offered attractive bonuses apart from excellent compensation. Commissions can also be very substantial, especially when it comes to real estate. Sales personnel also have the benefit of availing of the useful trainings and seminars that most employers are required to provide to their workers.

Expected salary

Sales people can expect to be paid up to $45,000 as average salary. A retail sales consultant can expect to be paid an average of $24, 000, while a telephone sales agent can expect to get paid about $25,000. Sales clerks are paid an average of $21,000, while bilingual sales representatives can expect a higher salary than typical sales personnel.

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