Sales Person Jobs in Fort McMurray

Anyone can apply for a sales person job in Fort McMurray.

Most retailers looking for sales persons in the city require the basics such as having a high school diploma and possessing pleasing personalities.

Contrary to other retail sales management positions, a retail sales person can have no prior experience because time for training and orientation on basic tasks are usually given for newly hired personnel.

Where to look for sales person jobs

Fort McMurray has a number of retail shops, department stores, and malls where you can apply for sales person jobs. Car dealerships are also places that may come looking for sales personnel. Examples of places and stores that you might want to try include Canadian TireĀ and Walmart as the two major department stores in the city.

Walmart has had the distinction of being one of the top five employers in Canada for five out of six years by a human resources firm.


The responsibilities of a sales person include receipt, storage and arrangement of goods, inventory, dealing with customers, assisting with customer complaints, and increasing the customer base through sales promotion.

Sales personnel are under the direct supervision of sales managers, or the floor and branch managers.

Looking for a retail sales person job in Fort McMurray? You are in luck because most employers in the city now post their job listings online. You can also apply for the job online, making the entire application process very convenient for both the applicant and the employer.

Job posts specific to Fort McMurray are easy to find online.

Doing background checks won’t be a problem, especially if you are a resident of the city and know for a fact that the company or the retail store you are applying at is legit.

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