Store Manager Jobs in Fort McMurray

With the many variations of retail stores in Fort McMurray, Alberta, from the large department stores to mom and pop grocery outlets, vacancies for a retail store manager are bound to pop up. There are a lot of places to look for store manager jobs in Fort McMurray.

Examples include Canadian TireĀ and Walmart, which are two of the largest department store chains in the city, along with the downtown shopping malls and the smaller retail shops in Beacon Hill and Waterways.

Responsibilities of a store manager

A store manager has a myriad of responsibilities — from human resources duties to problem solving and decision making tasks. The store manager is tasked with hiring employees, doing interviews as well as doing terminations.

He or she is responsible for figuring out the workplace schedules of the staff, business operations, facility management, inventory, and safety and security. Other responsibilities include ordering and shipping of products, stocking, product displays, promos and markdown as well as team development.

The store manager essentially holds the store together and is the person to go to when customers have any complaints.

In most cases, employers looking for store managers will look for applicants with several years of experience working as a store manager or any other leadership position in a retail store. In some cases, a business or management degree may be useful.

Where to look for a store manager job

You can look for a store manager job online, where online job posts for Alberta or Fort McMurray can be found.

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