Teaching Jobs in Fort McMurray

Being a teacher in Fort McMurray is a rewarding job. Whether you want to teach kindergarten, preschool, or secondary school, you’re sure to find teaching jobs in Fort McMurray that offer great opportunities.

Job description

Teaching jobs in Canada involve providing verbal and written instruction that follows the curriculum in the institution.

A teacher is responsible for implementing activities that foster an atmosphere of learning, keeps a record of the progress of his or her students, keeps an eye on the cognitive and emotional well-being of students, and refers them to the proper personnel when the need arises.

Required education

Most teachers are required to have a bachelor’s degree and a teaching certificate that can be obtained in one year. This is often given by universities who give out a pre-service education program.

However, different provinces have different requirements for teachers, so it is best to check out the specific requirements of the province where you are planning to teach. Other requirements include passing marks in English and French proficiency tests.

Pros and cons

If you like kids and a fixed schedule where you can go home in the afternoons and have your evenings to yourself, being a teacher is a good fit for you. You also get to enjoy your summers and holidays, unlike other professions such as medicine or nursing.

However, the profession also comes with its set of cons. Aside from having to deal with unexpected curriculum changes from time to time, being a teacher may also mean having to deal with overbearing parents and disobedient students. Plus, there’s the challenge of having to update your teaching styles, knowledge, and skills according to the demands of the modern times.

Expected salary

Because the education system in Canada is divided among its provinces, salaries may vary by province and according to the teaching position or the institution.