Entertainment, Activities & Attractions

Fort McMurray has a number of entertainment options — from daytime activities to suit the whole family to the nightlife events, which are sought after by the younger crowd. Daytime activities range from golf games to bowling and billiards, dining, to going to the movies in one of the town’s state-of-the-art movie theaters. You can also try a bit of gambling at the Boomtown Casino or party the night away at the local nightclubs. Another family activity that most residents look forward to is the Fort McMurray Annual Blueberry Festival. Activities here include the Famous Fish Fry, concerts in the park, chili cook offs, and rubber duck races. Restaurants are also available in Fort McMurray for those looking for quiet nights spent with good food.

Syncrude Sports and Wellness Centre

For the ultimate health buffs the Syncrude Sports and Wellness Centre is one of the main facilities for sports in Fort McMurray. Located in Keyano College, the Syncrude Sports and Wellness Centre is where local hockey and soccer matches are held. It is home to the Keyano Huskies.

Keyano College Theater

This is the home to various musical and cultural presentations that draw audiences from all over the province.


Fort McMurray is home to a number of restaurants. These include Mom’s Kitchen, Fish Place Earl’s Restaurant, and Blue Diamond Restaurant. The Garden Cafe and Mountain Boy Chicken and Taters are also good options. Boston Pizza is also a famous Fort McMurray landmark that is a favored hang-out of the locals because of its superb pizza offerings.

Fort McMurray bars and nightclubs

There are a number of bars and nightclubs in Fort McMurray, and one of which is Paddy McSwiggins, which is the only Irish pub in Fort McMurray. The pub is located in Thickwood Boulevard. Other destinations for the younger crowds looking for a good time in the evenings include Cowboys and the Rook Billiard Club. Cowboys is a nightclub that plays virtually any genre of music from RnB to dance, Top 40, and country music. The place is also a stop for touring bands and musicians from all over the country. It features regular theme nights that locals often look forward to as a suitable alternative to the out-of-town bands.

The Rook Billiard Club is another place to hang out during the evenings and is perfect for pool hall addicts. It features weekly competitions as well as drinks and food. There are bi-weekly 8-ball tournaments held by the club during Mondays that draws crowds and competitors from neighboring towns.


The Fort McMurray Golf Club is known as one of the best golf clubs in Edmonton. Designed and created by Bill Newis, the golf club features a restaurant and a club house. The Fort McMurray Golf Club was ranked as one of the must-play golf courses in Alberta by the Edmonton Sun. This golf club is a public golf course; so as long as you have a reservation, you can practice your swing here as often as you like.

Fort McMurray Art Gallery

Fort McMurray has a thriving art community. Entry costs $25 for adults and $20 for kids.