Willbros Needs Labourers & More in Fort McMurray & Area

Willbros Needs Local & FLY-IN Labourers, Side Boom Operators, Steampitter/Pipfitters, Electricians,  Welders, & Millwrights.

A Little Bit About WillBros:

Willbros has a rich, dynamic history. In 1908, the Williams brothers, David and Miller, started a construction business, and quickly established a good reputation as men of their word who took on challenging projects and delivered results as promised.

Over the years, the Company developed expertise and competency by executing engineering and construction projects around the world. Willbros is globally recognized for its construction of pipeline systems and associated facilities in any climate or terrain.

The Company, through its operating companies, has constructed thousands of miles of pipeline and worked for over 400 clients in over 60 countries.

Careers with WillBros:

Employment at Willbros provides an opportunity to work with committed professionals who take great satisfaction in accomplishing major work projects and instilling confidence in the clients for whom we work.We are committed to providing a work environment conducive to quality productivity and safety for all our employees.

At Willbros, the loyalty and commitment of our people have made us the company we are today. Our company-wide “can do” attitude has been a cornerstone of our success for more than 100 years. As we look to the future, we invite you to take a look at Willbros.

The Jobs:

The Fort McMurray jobs are open to Fort Mac residents only; from their site: “Must be local to Fort McMurray, there is no camp, travel, or LOA”.

Browse & Apply for Jobs w WillBros:


image: thebossmagazine.com

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